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About Us

Why Us

We started as, and continue to be artists and writers. We love to create and write! However, at some point, our involvement in the commercial and literary world slowly started to include some proofreading for others. That was the beginning of our metamorphic journey. Soon to follow were requests for copywriting, copy editing, ghost writing, formatting of manuscripts for printing, book cover designing, and eventually --- "Please help me publish my book." Thus, the Green Parrot Press.

It is gratifying to work with authors, helping with the “birth” of their arduous efforts, and presenting their work for the enjoyment and education of others. We have found that this can best be accomplished by establishing a close, personal working relationship with our clients. Each author has unique and varying needs, so we have designed our services in a way that allows individual customization. We are ready to work with you on small assignments or develop a complete, comprehensive plan to transform your idea into a published book with international distribution opportunities.

Our on-board staff is small, but supplemented when necessary by highly trained professionals that we have known and worked with for years. This flexible structure affords Green Parrot Press the opportunity to provide boutique-style services juxtaposed with economical pricing.  

Who We Are


Marcy R. Chapman

Marcy brings to the Green Parrot Press a wealth of creativity along with professional writing and editorial experience. Having a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, she initially taught English and creative writing.

After working as an editor for a major publishing firm, Marcy's creative energy steered her into the world of fine art where she became internationally recognized as an accomplished professional artist. This artistic talent combined with her creative command of the English language has provided our clients unique, superior professional writing services for over fifteen years.

Concurrent with her art business and publishing duties, Marcy is Production Editor for a monthly news magazine, and contributing writer for local publications, national magazines and trade journals.


Clint Chapman

Clint offers you the benefit of a diverse business writing, public relations and communications background. His professional business writing experience is significantly augmented by 20-plus years of experience in the corporate world, and his academic background in psychology (B.A. and M.A. degrees).

Clint is also a contributing writer for magazines, provides editorial assistance, and is the Layout and Graphic Designer for a full-color, monthly publication. Clint has an intimate knowledge of Adobe InDesign software, which is the industry standard for formatting, and is preferred (if not required) by many printers.

After copy-editing and developing a final draft, Clint ensures that your book and cover are designed and formatted to printer specifications. He coordinates the full production/printing process including the acquisition of an ISBN number and execution of final product distribution.

We invite you to contact us, we look forward to discussing your publishing goals and dreams.

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